Life Right Now: Alive and Readin' (Sort Of)

August 20, 2016

Greetings from beautiful, lush and sunny Seattle!

My boyfriend and I arrived to his aunt and uncle's house at 3:00 AM Pacific Time on Monday after five hours of flight delays, a traumatized yet resigned Maude in tow. We collapsed into bed for the following few days, but we've finally adjusted to the time difference and have slowly but surely begun exploring our new home.

Some highlights so far:

  • Being done packing and moving for the near future (until we find an apartment of our own in September/October, eek).
  • Reuniting with my best friend from middle and high school.
  • Knowing I have the opportunity to reunite with another best friend from high school.
  • Spending time with friends from college (have I mentioned I'm excited to have friends here already?).
  • Eating inadvisable amounts of delectable local cheese.
  • Seeing a bald eagle flying about the park pictured above.
  • This sunset:

I can't wait to see what else the Pacific Northwest has in store for me.

While it's no secret that I went radio-silent last month, I have (surprisingly!) been making time for reading here and there. Over the past month, I've made it through five reads:

I hope to throw together some mini-reviews of a few of these (particularly Break in Case of Emergency and The Girls for featuring girls and women that could easily be past and current versions of myself). I also want to do a follow-up to my last post about what makes an excellent travel read and seeing how Kitchens of the Great Midwest measures up to my requirements (spoiler alert: pretty well!). We'll see what ends up coming down the bloggin' pipeline.

And that's all she wrote for now! I think baby steps are called for in this return to the blogosphere.

How are YOU all? Catch me up in 140 characters or fewer!

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