#BEA16: A Brief Recap and Five Books I'm Super Excited About

May 21, 2016

I attended Book Expo America for the very first time last week. I came a day late, and it still managed to be a whirlwind of logging countless miles on the showroom of Chicago's McCormick Place and meeting and greeting a slew of wonderful bookish people who (surprise!) do exist outside of the Internet. I did not take nearly enough pictures nor eat nearly enough deep dish pizza, but the trip was otherwise a great success!

I jacked Julianne's photo of me, her and Shannon because it's my favorite. I also met Katie, Michelle, Marisa, Catherine, Kristen, Beth, Jenna, Emily, Kerry, Rachel and Janani and had many other brief, exciting encounters. Beth wrote a spot-on assessment of the social aspect of BEA, and I'll defer to her to summarize my thoughts for you.

All told, I walked away with 28 books and several single-issue comics. I'm glad I resisted grabbing more, because I only just managed to get them all home without shipping a thing. Yesterday, I tweeted about five that I'm particularly excited about.

Did you attend BEA?! (If so and we didn't meet, why not?) What loot are you most excited about?

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