Book Blogger Appreciation Week (Or #BBAW), Day Three: Bloggers Made Me Do It

February 17, 2016

Happy third day of BBAW, everyone!

Today's topic involves calling out the bloggers that have influenced you to read books, be they your favorite reads ever or the biggest piece of garbage you've ever laid eyes on. Thankfully, I'm not telling any of the latter stories today. (I also might not have any, but that's beside the point.)

If I listed out all the books I've read and loved and the bloggers who recommended them to me, I'd be typing until tomorrow and you'd be reading until March. Instead, I broke out my super rusty Prezi skills to put together a quick, interactive presentation about three of my very favorite bloggin' ladies and the books they've foisted upon me. Check it out! There's cute clipart involved!

Special shout-outs also go to Emily, Rachelle, Lauren, Katie, Kerry, Cass, Amanda, Andi, and countless others for both steering me toward hidden gems and bullying me into reading books that have been on my list forever. Y'all keep me on my toes and accountable to my ever-growing TBR, and I thank you for it!

Have other bloggers ever bullied you into a book? Name some names!

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