My Month in Reading (and More): So Long, October!

November 03, 2015

Between grad school apps, illness and an all-around blogging slump, October was quiet, y'all. All I can say is thank you for sticking with me when things have gotten uninspired or haven't appeared at all. I think there's a light at the end of this tunnel!

I read/reviewed:

I only have 4.5 hours left of IT by Stephen King. I know that means I'm not finished yet, but you can bet your butt I'm bringing it up anyway.

On the blog:

In life:

  • I took the GRE and I will never, ever blog about it again!

  • Before the test, I went into full-on stress baking mode and made two apple pies in two weeks. I don't think I've ever made better decisions.

  • Despite still having the yuckiest viral infection in recent memory, I hopped on a train with my boyfriend to visit some college friends in New York City over Halloween. I don't see these guys enough, and it was wonderful to hang out over bottomless wine, The Rocky Horror Picture Show and many, many plays of Spooky Scary Skeletons.

  • Before we left on our trip, we made sure to take the all-important family costume photos. Not pictured: the metallic purple Leela hair I had the next night.

In November:

  • I will be promoting and signing people up for my totally bonkers Twelve Books of Christmas reading challenge.  Go, go, go!

  • Two of my graduate school applications are due on December 1, and I hope to have them in before Thanksgiving, if possible. The end draws near!

  • Speaking of Thanksgiving, my boyfriend and I are heading to Florida for four days of food, family and some good ol' poolside lounging. Although the weather in Connecticut has been surprisingly warm lately, I know I need to bottle up all the sunshine I can to tide me over once the cold sets in for good.

  • I nearly forgot that my first blogoversary is this month! Although I technically opened up shop on November 1, my first real post wasn't until November 13. I guess I have until then to figure out a good way to celebrate—any ideas?
Happy November, everyone!

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