My Month in Reading (and More): So Long, August!

August 31, 2015

I think my feelings about August can best be summarized by a recent tweet:
Stress and anxiety ruled the month, between buckling down to GRE studying, adjusting to a brand-new set of expectations at work and a couple of pieces of bad news. After a great streak of reading during Bout of Books 14, I found it impossible to finish any new books, despite the fact that I was enjoying them. I finally got back into the swing of things with an audio book last night (!!!).

About the only thing that went right this month was the blog. I read a bunch, reviewed it all, and churned out a few good discussion posts, if I do say so myself. Let's recap:

I read/reviewed:

I finished six books this month, with two of them weighing in at about 500 pages each! August was for chunksters.

On the blog:

In life:

  • I participated in Bout of Books 14 and took a huge chunk out of my TBR pile!

  • I sent my boyfriend off on a business trip with some delectable chocolate chocolate chip cookies. Jenna of JMill Wanders knows what I'm talking about.

  • GRE math. Ugh. 

  • Last Friday, my boyfriend got the news that his grandfather died overnight. Friday evening was spent doing laundry and getting him ready for a last-minute trip to California for the funeral.

  • The very next day, I found out that one of my father's ex-girlfriends got sentenced to a whole bunch of prison time. This wasn't unexpected, but it doesn't make for a happy phone call. 

  • I watched a whole lot of Cupcake Wars and Next Food Network Star this weekend. See last two bullet points and "stress and anxiety" above.

In September:

  • Get over the crap month that was August. My boyfriend's return and the upcoming long weekend should do wonders for that.

  • Get crazy busy at work (which should help with the above too—I'm happy when I'm occupied). My boss's three new graduate students arrived this month, and with them came a much heavier need for new research participants. I also need to hire a handful of new undergraduate research assistants and coordinate schedules for my returning ones. Bring it on.

  • Figure out where my reading is taking me. I mentioned that I've had a hard time finishing and/or getting into anything recently, so we'll just have to see what sticks.
Tell me about your August! I sincerely hope it was better than mine.

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