My Month in Reading (and More): So Long, June!

July 02, 2015

Dang, y'all. Are we really already in July? I can't complain much (it is my birth month, after all), but I can't believe how quickly summer is flying by. Before I know it, I'll be boxing up my sun dresses and breaking out the boots and scarves again. That's right around when I'll ask myself, not for the first time, why I chose to move from the Midwest to New England. Perhaps I'll pick more wisely next time.

Happy Independence Day weekend to my American readers! May your days be filled with barbecue, booze and sunshine.

On to the June lists!

I read/reviewed:

I did a whole lot of reading this month and not a lot of reviewing (and lamented it); in total, I read ten books. I'm pretty sure this is a personal record. I read:

On the blog:

In life:

  • As already mentioned, I got to see Claudia Rankine speak as part of New Haven's International Arts and Ideas Festival. She was warm, charismatic and a fantastic reader. I feel so fortunate to have seen her for free and gotten my copy of Citizen signed. If she comes to a place near you, make the trip!

  • I've trained a batch of brand new interns in my lab. It was a hectic first couple of weeks, but they're self-sufficient (and so productive) at this point. I mostly make sure they have what they need and don't burn things down these days.

  • I watched the Chicago Blackhawks win the Stanley Cup for the third time in six years! (From my couch, that is.) I love me some hockey and bearded men on skates, and I especially love the Hawks because, y'know, Chicago.

  • At the behest of Trish from Love, Laughter and Insanity and with some encouragement from Cass of Queerly Seen, I ordered my first Stitch Fix box! (If you want to know more about Stitch Fix, Trish wrote a pretty good overview of the program and shared two of her boxes.) I ended up keeping three out of the five items they sent me and am well on my way to a capsule wardrobe.

  • My boyfriend and I have reached the halfway mark in our A Game of Thrones read-aloud to each other. We're having so much fun with it, and I will definitely be posting about it soon.

In July:

  • By the time you're reading this post, I'll be at 30,000 feet on my way to Oregon, probably reading something from my carry-on. I'm so thrilled (and lucky) to start off my month on vacation!

  • Birthday, birthday! Expect photos of woodland celebration at the Oregon Country Fair when I return.

  • More books, of course! Who do you take me for?
Whew, that was longer than expected! How was your June? Are you mourning the loss or ready for a new month? Let's chat!

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  1. I hope you have an amazing vacation - I'm so jealous and can't wait to see a million woodland creatures. Please bring me a fox.

  2. I'll do my best! At the very least, I'll bring back lots of photos of colorful hippies.

  3. You were busy in June! I hope your vacation is everything you wish for! :)

  4. Well happy birthday month and happy vacation! You'll be a little closer to me as I'll just be one state over in Idaho. Yay for hockey and yay for the Blackhawks. They aren't my number one, but I'll take it. (They're tied for my number 3 with Detroit. #1 and 2 are Pittsburgh and Toronto.) Have a super fantastic time at the fair!!

  5. It sounds like you reeeeeaaalllly need a break. I hope you’re having a nice time away :-)

    So, thanks again for picking me to win Citizen. I read it over the weekend and there were some things that were pretty staggering to read. It’s sort of devoid and full of emotion at the same time. I think I need to read it a couple more times before I can formulate any truly coherent thoughts about it. But it is definitely amazing.