Thrifty Thursdays: The Outlandish (Lit) Edition

May 28, 2015

I'm back, y'all, and just in time for Thrifty Thursdays, a weekly book meme started by Sal over at Motion Sick Lit.

Thrifty Thursdays is designed to get book bloggers hunting for new and/or interesting reads on the cheap. Patronizing—in the good sense, not the bad—your favorite independent bookseller is especially encouraged!

Sal's rules for the feature are as follows:

1. Each week’s link-up will be posted on Thursday. 
2. Post or talk about a book you found used (preferably in a book store or thrift shop). 
3. The book must cost less than $5. 
4. Be sure to return for the link-up! Weird or strange books are preferred.

This week's Thrifty Thursday is especially exciting because Julianne of Outlandish Lit insisted I buy was there with me when I bought the book! Over the course of a glorious day spent together*, she took me to Bucket o' Blood, a tiny, Chicago-based vinyl and book shop that specializes in all things creepy-crawly. So, basically, Julianne lives there. 

I snapped up two books during my visit, but the one I want to feature today is Perdido Street Station by China Miéville. (No offense to Tana French, but I can't imagine In The Woods fits the "weird or strange book" requirement quite as well.) As a horror/sci-fi/fantasy fan, Miéville is one of those names that I've heard thrown around plenty, but I honestly couldn't tell you what a single one of his books is about. Including this one. According to Goodreads:
Beneath the towering bleached ribs of a dead, ancient beast lies the city of New Crobuzon, where the unsavory deal is stranger to no one--not even to Isaac, a gifted and eccentric scientist who has spent a lifetime quietly carrying out his unique research. But when a half-bird, half-human creature known as the Garuda comes to him from afar, Isaac is faced with challenges he has never before encountered. Though the Garuda's request is scientifically daunting, Isaac is sparked by his own curiosity and an uncanny reverence for this curious stranger. Soon an eerie metamorphosis will occur that will permeate every fiber of New Crobuzon--and not even the Ambassador of Hell will challenge the malignant terror it evokes.
Clocking in at just over 600 pages and costing me a mere $6, I think my bizarre-to-dollar ratio here is just right.

Have you guys picked up any awesome and/or weird book bargains this week? Tell me about them! Also, consider linking up over at Sal's blog.

*For those of you anxiously awaiting news of the bookish soul mate rendezvous, worry not: it's coming soon in video-form. Much wine was involved; hopefully it's more wonderful than embarrassing, but that's in Julianne's hands at this point. I regret nothing.

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  1. Amanda @ The Zen LeafMay 28, 2015 at 2:27 PM

    Heh - I'm having a strange time trying to reconcile the whole "independent book store" and "cheap" thing, because every independent book store I've ever been in had a $25 minimum price on individual books! Thrift stores and used book stores make sense, though.

    I've never read Mieville either, but I've heard there are a lot of drugs in his books, and as someone with a drug phobia, this puts him on my no-no list. So if this one ends up being good and has no drugs, let me know!!

  2. Haha, fair point! I suppose I tend to lump "independent" in with "used." Anything that isn't a major book retailer (Books-A-Million, Barnes & Noble, etc.) falls under my personal definition of indie, though I know that's not how everyone sees it. :)

    It's rough when you have certain triggers and little to no way of knowing if any one book is going to feature them. I will certainly let you know about this one!

  3. I hope it lived up to your expectations. :D

  4. Oh, awesome! This makes me even more excited to finally get to it.