#ReadingMyLibrary Challenge: Week Two Update!

April 13, 2015

The #ReadingMyLibrary challenge is hosted by Stefani of Caught Read Handed and Amy of Read What I Like. The goal? Read at least one book from your local library in the month of April. Sign-ups are still open for another two days—what are you waiting for?! If you need more #RML goodness, check out my week one update here (spoiler alert: I got nothing done).

But, this week, I have real progress to report! I finished Boy in the Twilight: Stories of the Hidden China early last week and Tell the Wolves I'm Home just forty tearful minutes ago. I hope to get reviews up for both of these babies soon, particularly the latter. Books don't usually make me cry, but Carol Rifka Brunt's debut is a brand-new exception. Pardon me while I go pick up the shattered remains of my soul.

According to Amazon, I've saved $25.72 by checking these out from the library instead of buying the paperbacks, and about $20 if I'd gone for the e-books. Not too shabby!

The topic posed to us by Stefani and Amy this week is "Books you would like to suggest to your library." Funnily enough, I sent in a request for two just a week ago.

The first because, seriously, have you seen all the glowing reviews? If not, here's one, and another. Besides, who can resist a good Socratic Salon discussion (and Twitter chat)? I requested the second because social justice nerd alert. I since bought Our Endless Numbered Days for my Kindle because I have no patience, but I still think they'd make great additions to the fiction and non-fiction sections, respectively.

Here we are in week three. I'm still chipping away at a couple of ARCs and the Bill Bryson my friend lent me, and, as I mentioned above, I caved and bought Our Endless Numbered Days. It's very possible I'll forsake everything else and dig into that instead. Never fear—I do foresee an extended library trip in the near future, for Dewey's approaches! Stayed tuned.

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  1. I just did a great library trip for Dewey's, too - they're the best! So glad you'll be joining us for Our Endless Numbered Days.

  2. My library has saved me so much money (and so much shelf space!). I only go on book-buying binges a few times a year now, instead of monthly the way I used to. Although it's true, I can't resist those ebook sales ...

  3. That's a good idea to see how much you've saved as it would really make you appreciate your library. I love the look of Our Endless Numbered Days and look forward to your review on it.

  4. You have gotten me veeery interested in Tell The Wolves I'm Home. I hope you love Our Endless Numbered Days!

  5. Looks like I won't be visiting until after #readathon, but I promise to come check in! :)

  6. Right?! It's so easy to hit the little "one-click" check-out button... and hey, what's a dollar or two, right? ;-)

    Whenever I feel the itch to buy cheap Amazon books, I'm trying to redirect my energy to Overdrive and go on an e-library book check-out binge instead. :)

  7. Yes! Stephanie and Amy started the trend. It's been very neat to see.

    I can't wait to finally dig into it!

  8. Ahhhh, read it. Your heart will melt and also be stomped all over.

    And I do, too! This Saturday. It's HAPPENING.