RE: The Best Books of 2014, and My Excitement Thereof

December 04, 2014

It's the most wonderful time of the year... for books! All the major publications and book sites are putting out their "Best Books of 2014" lists (some even have two-parters!), and it's got me in the best kind of tizzy.

Confession time: I rarely read new books. I have my work cut out for me with all things pre-2000, let alone trying to keep track of what's been published since the turn of the millennium. Maybe it's my nascent foray into the book-blogging world that's got my ears pricked this year, but I can't help wasting time at work poring over all the lists.

Here's a smattering of 2014 gems that have made it on to my TBR. (EDIT: All images below from Goodreads.)

How about you? Anything from 2014 that you're especially excited to read? Am I the only one stuck in the past when it comes to books?

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  1. Compared to me, you're definitely stuck in the past, but that's not a bad thing, if that is what you enjoy!! I don't think I read much of anything prior to 2000 anymore. But I also don't read what everyone else is reading. Like for the GoodReads best of poll, I only voted on the books I had read which were only 5, I think, out of them all. None of them made the top book, but 3 of them were runners up, including Lock-In, my 3rd favorite book I read this year, and 2nd of books released this year.

    I definitely don't follow the crowds on what people read. In a GR group I'm in ~ NRBC ~ they do buddy reads for popular books, and there's only a handful of ones I've read, or want to read. I tend to stick with what I like and get recommendations from those books. Many times people read my blog saying they've never read the books that I read, a lot are authors I've followed for years. I dunno, I just found my own niche and it's different from most others.

    But I do like new books, especially when I find a series that is great, and a book is coming out once a year, or more. I definitely am a fan of newer stuff, but that's what makes books great. There's so many that we can each find what we like, and it doesn't matter what others think of it. :D

    1. PS ~ Ooops, I got on a rant and forgot to mention my favorite books of the year. Ones I can think of ~ The Great Zoo of China by Matthew Reilly, Lock-In by John Scalzi, Timebound by Rysa Walker, Cruel Beauty by Rosamund Hodge and books by my favorites ~ Robyn Carr, Iris Johansen, Karen Robards, Nora Roberts and more. :)

    2. Haha, I welcome rants! :)

      I think your point about finding your thing and going for it is a great one. After all, it'd be a dull world if we all read/thought the same things. ;) Though it's been loads of fun sifting through the "best of" lists this year, I have found most of my favorite books of the year through the Goodreads Recommendation engine, after rating similar books I enjoyed! Granted, I do pay attention to others' star ratings of the book, but I've found things I never even would have heard of otherwise.

      Even more excited for Lock-In now, thanks! Also, total aside, but I learned a lot about love/sex by stealing my grandma's Nora Roberts novels in my formative years. ;)