Thanksgiving Part II: Fortuitous Findings

November 27, 2014

In a completely unexpected way, I managed to get into the holiday spirit a bit early this year. It wasn't the turkey, cranberry sauce and wine from our "pre-Giving" with my boyfriend's dad yesterday. Nope - as you might guess, it was books!

As we were getting off our train to meet my boyfriend's brother, I heard my boyfriend exclaim, "Hey, Shaina, check this out!"

I wheeled around to see him standing next to a trash can, stacked high with... books?! Someone had tossed out a bunch of them, both books and textbooks, and some were in practically pristine shape!

The bounty included The Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoevsky (extra score, as it's on my Classics Club list) and Sons and Lovers by D.H. Lawrence.

In case you're keeping count here, this puts me at nine books this vacation - four came along with me, I bought three and found two.

How does this relate to giving thanks, you might ask? Well, I'm just grateful to have been the first person to stumble upon and rescue this literary cache. ;)

Happy Thanksgiving, friends!

P.S. please excuse any typos and/or wonky formatting in these last few posts - Wi-Fi has been scarce! I'll be sure to fix it when I'm home.

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