Ivanhoe Read-along

November 21, 2014

In honor of having just yesterday(!!) joined The Classics Club, I'm kicking off my five years of classics with a read-along with fellow book blogger Rachelle of The Reading Wench.

She received lucky (or perhaps unlucky, depending on how this goes) number 13 for her most recent Classics Club Spin, which corresponded to Ivanhoe by Sir Walter Scott. She's set up a remarkably manageable RAL schedule, pasted below, for anyone who'd like to join in. (If you do, be sure to sign up on the RAL page!)

Full disclosure: I know nothing about Ivanhoe. (Something about knights? England, maybe?) I added it to my Classics Club book list on a whim after seeing Rachelle's RAL post. Starting a complete mystery of a book sounded exciting, especially since I'll have at least one other person along for the ride!

For those who might be wondering, we aren't reading the comic. This was the only image I could find that wouldn't possibly get me in copyright trouble!

The schedule:
  • Mon. 24th Nov. – Sun. 30th Nov.: Chapters 1 – 7
  • Mon. 1st Dec. – Sun. 7th Dec.: Chapters 8 – 16
  • Mon. 8th Dec. – Sun. 14th Dec.: Chapters 17 – 25
  • Mon. 15th Dec. – Sun. 21st Dec.: Chapters 26 – 31
  • Mon. 22nd Dec. – Sun. 28th Dec.: Chapters 32 – 38
  • Mon. 29th Dec. – Sun. 4th Jan.: Chapters 39 – 44
Anyone else want to join in?

Happy reading!

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